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(1) Washburn Trail (San Simeon) 02/11/12 

Hikers in picture: Hal Thilmony, Bob Mott, and Harry Sharp

(2) Hi Mountain Trail (Lake Lopez) 05/25/12

Hikers in picture: Roger Eberhardt, Harry Sharp, Bob Mott, Steven Rye and Randal Cruikshanks

(4) Yucca Ridge Trail (Poly Canyon) 07/19/14

Hikers in picture: Brad Parkinson, Bob Mott, Randal Cruikshanks, and Ted Ivarie

(5) Islay Hill (San Luis Obispo) 12/19/14

Hikers in picture: Bob Mott and Brad Parkinson,  Hal and Priscilla Thilmony

(6) Bishop Peak (San Luis Obispo) 03/20/15

Hikers in picture:  Bob Mott, Richard Hendrickson, and Guest (Ron)

(3) Lemon Grove Loop (Cerro San Luis) 01/13/13

Hikers in picture:  George Bekey (and dog Amber), Bob Mott, Priscilla Thilmony, Jim Howard, and Harry Sharp

RAM (Retired Active Men) officers honors founding RAM member on his 100th Birthday.

Left to right— RAM Treasurer Bill Fieldhouse, Founding RAM member Fred Churchill, & President (Big Ram) Alan Henderson

 Mr. Churchill, one of the 13 original members and joined the San Luis Obispo RAMs group March 1,1990, the founding date, and has been a contributing member since the RAM Organization’s founding. Membership in RAMs is open to any man that have retired and who wish to renew friendship with other retired men.


During the recent (RAM) Retired Active Men’s Coffee Cabinet weekly meeting at the Madonna Inn the members heard from Cuesta College Rodeo Coach Clint Pearce and Connie Pearce about the Cal Poly and Cuesta College Rodeo Teams.  

(PHOTO L to R) RAM Program Committee member Richard Equinoa, RAM Program Scheduler Bob Mott, Cuesta College Rodeo Coach's Clint Pierce and Connie Pierce and Retired Active Men’s Club Big RAM Alan Henderson.

(Left to Right) Bill Fieldhouse - 2018 Treasurer, Mike Powers - 2018 Little RAM, Alan Henderson - 2017 Big RAM, Steve Bennett - 2018 Big RAM & Steve Lumm - 2018 Secretary

John Lindsey after giving a talk on climate change at the March luncheon, flanked by our Big RAM Steve Bennett on the left and Little RAM Mike Powers on the right.

Worth Keene’s Birthday

RAM Gala installation of 2019 officers. (Left to right) Bill Fieldhouse (Asst Treasurer), Steve Bennett (outgoing Big RAM), Mike Powers (Incoming Big RAM) Roy Cinowalt (Little RAM, Rich Pescatore (Treasurer), Steve Lumm (Secretary).

The 134 members of the San Luis Obispo Retired Active Men Branch #2 recently had the opportunity to hear Steve Ford (Son of former President Gerald Ford) discuss his life during and after his father’s years in the White House. (There was a standing ovation at the end of Mr. Ford’s presentation).

(left to right) Ray Nakamura, Big RAM Mike Powers of San Luis Obispo, Steve Ford (son of former president Gerald Ford), Rich Equinoa of San Luis Obispo, and Little RAM Roy Cinowalt.

The Coffee Cabinet is Born at the Madonna Inn:

The Cabinet’s 1300th Meeting: 4/18/19

Harry Sharp, CC Committee Chair

One score and six years ago, five men of a certain age met at a table near where we congregate today. They engaged in great discussions of earth shaking import. And, I am told, consumed Madonna brewed coffee. They shared tales of uncertain accuracy and gave their last full measure blarney to resolve major problems faced by our fair city, our wonderful nation and our troubled world.

 We are gathered this morning in tribute to Dr. Donald Morris and cohorts who sat around a table not far from our present location. Alas, the world will little note nor long remember what we say here, and, to their eternal shame, the people of San Luis Obispo may even forget what they did here.  (Forgetting is the one skill I improve daily these days.) I trust that Coffee Clubbers will remember!  

 We assemble this morning to honor that magnificent five (or eight or whatever number) who on that historic Thursday morning sipped Madonna coffee with their comrades. But in a smaller sense we can not consecrate or memorialize what they drank here. And that is ok. After all we are “just for fun.”

 So gentlemen, please join me in raising a cup of java in honor of Don Morris and his cohorts. And May the good Lord allow us to live long and well, so this Coffee Cabinet shall not perish from the earth.

On Thursday, June 13th RAM member Hank Campbell made an outstanding presentation including an Army Air Corp video of the

planning and preparation that went into the invasion of German forces at Normandy, France in June, 1944.

Hour's before the beach invasion, RAM member and retired U.S. Army Sgt. Leo Dumouchelle parachuted inland of the landings on the beach.  

Sgt. Dumouchelle participated in eight European campaigns earning two purple hearts in one day.

Following the presentation several RAM members, who are ex-United States military, gave Leo their thanks for his service.  

Photo (left to right standing): U.S. military veterans Richard Hillery, Hank Campbell, and Dick Pottratz  (seated left to right) Roger Eberhardt, Norm Deam, and honored 97 year old U.S. Army paratrooper and San Luis Obispo resident Leo Dumouchelle.

December 2019 RAM Gala

(left to right) New Big RAM Bill Woodson and last year’s Big RAM Roy Cinowalt hold the “RAM’s BOARD OF HONOR” that recognizes all the past Big RAMS and members who have been honored for Matrious Service.